It's shaping up to be a boozy week of music with micro-brewery performances at both ends.


Last Saturday I joined my brother Travis Durfee, who's a talented songwriter in his own right, at Heavily Brewing Company in Montour Falls, NY.  The space is a big old cow barn that's been worked over to make room for some delicious beer and the good folks that love to drink it.  We met some nice people and played to an appreciative audience, check this place out!  We did a few numbers together, some solo material, and Trav and his friend Crary plauyed some songs from their band The Sweats.  Check out their stuff, it's catchy, fun, and well written...


This coming Saturday will find The Rattling Baddlies playing at Green Wolf Brewing for the first time.  I've played this cool little room solo a few times, so I'm excited to up the energy a bit with Tommy and August along for the evening.


Also, I've been working on writing some new material, progress is slow, as per usual, due to intense lyrical scrutiny and scribbling them out, reworking, and then scribbling them out again.  Anyway, they'll get there soon hopefully, working titles of "Divining Rod", "Oh, Brother", and "You've Got It Right".


It's shaping up to be a slow summer musically, I wish I had more gigs to post for you guys, and hopefully will do so soon.  Until then, please check back for updates here and on the facebookie, and as always, thanks for your support of original music....



I'll be digging up some old tunes this coming Friday as M.R. Poulopoulos and I perform as Palatypus for the first time in quite a while over at The Linda - WAMC's live performance space.  We'll be opening up for the April Verch Band, who performs some great, traditionally based music led by April and her fiddle. Music starts around 8:00 in this sonically incredible room, be sure to check it out!

Next week (4/29) you can find The Rattling Baddlies at The Olde English Pub, one of our favorite venues in the city.  Cold beer, good people, and live music; c'mon out, it's not the same without you guys!



I've been doing some work on the website and attempting to make it a little more unique, apologies on the amount of time I've gone without any official updates.  I hope you all enjoy the new layout and look, there may still be a few bugs to work out, so please feel free to reach out and let me know if you see anything strange on either the regular or mobile versions of the site.


I'll be heading westward into the state of NY this coming weekend for a couple of cool shows.  Saturday, April 18th will find me back in Angelica at Black-Eyed Susan's Acoustic Cafe, a great little restaurant in a sweet little village.  Don and his staff are always very accommodating, and the room is acoustically beautiful, a little bit of strumming goes a long, long way.  It's also an opportunity to catch up with an old college buddy of mine, which is an extra special icing on an already delicious cake.  Sunday, April 19th will find me over in the town of Hector, where I'll be glad to return to Two Goats Brewing for an afternoon/early evening gig.  Two Goats makes some incredible craft beer, and their roast beef sandwiches pretty much can't be beat.  I'm hoping for a nice day so I can enjoy some time on their awesome deck overlooking Seneca Lake.  In addition to being fortunate enough to play some shows, I'll also be able to visit with my older brother and his family for a bit, so to say I'm looking forward to the trip is an understatement....


In Rattling Baddlies news, we've played a few shows with our new guitarist Bill Mattison.  He's been writing some great electric parts that add some really interesting textures to the sound, and we're glad to have him along for the musical ride.  You can catch Bill performing with us at a couple of upcoming gigs, including April 29th at the Olde English Pub in Albany, and Also on May 10th when we'll be performing at Tulip Fest, one of Albany's biggest outdoor events of the year.  We'll be on the Local 518 stage Sunday afternoon, so bring your mom on out for some music on Mother's Day this year, we think she'll like us.


Some other cool, upcoming shows include a solo night at the micro brewery that opened in my home town of Middleburgh, Green Wolf Brewing Co.  I'll be there May 16th as part of a mini-fest that promises to include all sorts of local products.  It's a great room with really good people hanging out, don't miss it!  Also, after many moons with no shows, Palatypus will be dusting off some songs for a performance at WAMC's performance space, The Linda Norris Auditorium on April 24th, when we'll be opening up for the April Verch Band.  April is a great fiddle player that performs some beautiful, traditionally based music, we'll be glad to have the chance to see her play and urge you to do the same.


That's it for now, thanks again for the open ears and support, I'm glad to have so many good people in my life to share music with, spread the word and stop on by a show when you can!

 Debut Album

"Little World"

Available Now

artwork by Magda Gluszek

Matt Durfee proudly plays

Brier Road Guitars




The Rattling Baddlies and I will be playing a last minute fundraiser this coming Saturday (1/31) in Rensselaerville, NY for a family whose home caught fire last week, trapping the family dog inside (I squeezed my dog extra tight after hearing this sad news).  While the circumstances are dire, we're glad to be part of the fundraising efforts, as they're a heckuva family who has produced a couple of great, considerate, thoughtful kids who I'm lucky to count as friends.  We'll be sharing the musical duties with the inimitable John Rice, Red Haired Stranger and guitarist/songwriter extraordinaire.  The show runs from 6-9pm at Conkling Hall in historic Rensselaerville and will have food and drink offerings in addition to live music, we'd love to see some of you big hearted folks out there doing your generous thing...


In other news, Brier Road Guitars, who built my sweet piece of a guitar, have been featured in the Berkshire Eagle for a cool new enterprise they're offering in conjunction with Steve Suave (of Suave Guitars).  The Berkshire Stringed Instruments School of Lutherie is now open and operational, and offers hands-on experience in building your own guitars, mandolins, and ukuleles.  My friend Nick Lenski is the head instructor, and has lots of good stuff to stay about the new venture.  Check out the article here.


Alright, that's it for now, be sure to check back soon for updates and new shows, I'll look forward to sharing some music with you soon!



I recently entered a video submission for a pretty cool contest sponsored by NPR.  Some of you may be familiar with the "Tiny Desk Concerts", a series in which NPR's Bob Boilen (host of All Songs Considered) invites national bands to perform live around his tiny desk in the studio.  Some really cool acts have done the series over the years, and now Bob and the rest of the Tiny Desk crew have opened up submissions to unsigned artists, giving them a chance at greater exposure, and an opportunity to play at the Lagunitas "Couch Trippin' to Austin" music showcase.


Following a very chilly night on which The Rattling Baddlies and I performed at Pauly's Hotel in Albany, August and I set up shop in our dining room to record a video for submission.  We shot it a lot like the way I approach most of my musical endeavors- no frills, no fancy editing or video effects, just one dude playing a really good song.  After running through a few numbers, we settled on a pretty good take of one of my old favorites, "A Full Head of Steam".  I wrote this song many years ago, but still feel very close to it, and I think that it holds up pretty well after all this time.  The tune won me a songwriting contest many moons ago at Tess's Lark Tavern, so I'm hoping it will grab the attention of the the preliminary round of judges, and maybe move me onto the next level of consideration.  It's an earworm, and most of the judging criteria is based on musical quality and appeal, and originality, so I'll hope that those factors overcome the plain-Jane nature of the footage itself.  Also, I'm rocking a pretty serious cowlick in the shoot, so it's worth watching it just to see me looking like Alfalfa from "The Little Rascals" if nothing else...



















Hope you guys enjoy it, I'll keep you posted on any worthwhile news pertaining to the contest, though I seldom hold my breath in terms of winning contests or big breaks.


We've also had a few more practices with our new electric guitar player in The Rattling Baddlies, and I'm psyched to say its turning out better than we could have hoped!  Bill has worked out some great parts and we can't wait to get him onstage soon, we may be debuting as a four-piece at the upcoming UAG Gala at the end of February, so keep your eyes peeled.  Bill also plays in a Pearl Jam tribute act, Given to Fly, and they'll be playing this coming Saturday (1/24) at The Van Dyck over in Schenectady, be sure to check them out to get an earful of Bill's sweet lead guitar stylings...


In the meantime, be sure to check the calendar for upcoming shows, spread the word to people you know, and feel free to share the age with anyone who might be interested.  Thanks for the open ears!!



Happy Solstice, y'all!


I always look forward to reaching this point in the year when we start reclaiming some of the rare sunlit hours from winter's maw...


Exciting news in the Baddlies camp as we've been moving forward with plans to add an electric guitar player to the mix.  We've been tossing around the idea of an electric player/multi-instrumentalist for a while now, and have had the good fortune to cross paths with an old musical friend who might fit the part just fine. In answering a Craigslist ad for someone seeking a band, I reconnected with a guy who I played with in my very first band, Uncle Remus, back in probably 1996/97.  We had a bunch of fun, wrote some neat tunes (with admittedly terrible lyrics), and generally dissolved after a few shows and demo recordings - by the way, there still exists a cassette tape floating around that had pretty much the entire U.R. catalog on it during a live performance, if anybody's had their hands on it, we'd love to hear it again after all these years!


Check out the calendar for some new dates for the new year and be sure to check back often, we'll hopefully be adding a bunch more soon.


Happy holidays to all, be as good as you can be to each other and trust that that goodness will be returned ten-fold.  Here's to laying 2014 to bed and welcoming the opportunities of a new year.  Thanks, as always, for the ears and the support!



I'm excited to be playing at the historic folk club Caffe Lena this coming Saturday, November 8th.  The show is sponsored by WEQX out of Vermont, and will be a singer/songwriter showcase night curated by their fabulous DJ Kim.  I'm glad to be sharing the stage with some talented dudes, especially John from Henry's Rifle.  John is a powerhouse of a performer, whether using a banjo or beat up guitar, his snarling lyrics and stomp-along rhythms call up an angst rarely seen in roots music.  He just released a new album on Halloween, so be sure to get your hands on a copy or give it a few test spins here.


Along with Henry's Rifle and myself, we'll be getting a set of music from a great new songwriter, Carl Daniels, who I had the pleasure of sharing a stage with not long ago for the Black Mountain Symphony CD release show.  Carl's got some catchy tunes and a great voice.  He's got a batch of tunes available on itunes and spotify that are well worth checking out.  So be sure to get on up to Saratoga for an evening of great tunes that really span the spectrum of singer-songwriter, should be a great night for sure and I'm looking forward to it...


Meanwhile, The Rattling Baddlies will be returning to the Olde English Pub and Pantry on November 19th.  Great little bar, known as the little house with beer in it, we're psyched to get back in and spend the evening sharing some fresh tunes, both original and covers.  8:00pm, free show, good people, can't lose.... we're also hoping to start focusing on some recording this winter, as we have a great batch of tunes we'd like to put to tape.  We'll spend a little time fleshing them out with additional instrumentation before we schedule any recording time, and try to make the process a little shorter than the couple of years I spent recording "Little World".  So fingers crossed and ears open, hopefully we'll have something new in hand come the spring.


Thanks, as always, for the open ears and hearts.  Your support means a lot to me, and your willingness to spread the word and support live shows never goes without being noticed.....



After a couple of months dealing with some health issues, I'm happy to have been given the "all clear" on some scary medical stuff.  We live to dream another day....


It would seem that having gotten a proverbial "new lease" on life would make any man happier and more intent on following their dreams, and I feel that way to an extent.  There's been a lot to mull over the last few months, and I feel that my focus for music has wavered a bit.  I hope to put it back in the center of my thoughts and actions as I move forward on the end of this long year and into the beginning of a new one.


We (The Rattling Baddlies) have had the opportunity to play some pretty cool shows in the last week or so, including the Honest Weight Food Coop's Fall Harvest Festival in Washington Park.  It was a beautiful fall day, and once the chill wore off of the morning, we bathed in sunshine and were able to share some tunes with some great people.  We also made out like bandits in getting paid in Coop gift cards; organic goods never taste better than when they're free...


On the Sunday of Columbus Day weekend, we played a house show with our friends in Passive Aggressives Anonymous, from Rochester.  These are some seriously talented musicians, and John Valenti writes some super clever tunes covering everything from discussing religion on dates to grinding on the dancefloor.  Keep your ears peeled for those guys, they are SUPERB.  Ian White, of the Swordpaw Collective, was kind of enough to host the show in his house, which is a great old building in Troy, NY that used to be an architect's home.  The space was amazing, the potluck dinner was delicious, and Ian's band Beargrass also delivered a great set to close out the night.  Kudos to Ian for a great time.


The Baddlies head back into The Olde English Pub this coming Wednesday (10/15) for an evening of booze and song.  This has become our home-base of sorts, and we're glad to get back in there.  Free entry, show starts at 8:00pm.


Also, keep your eyes on the Caffe Lena calendar in the next few weeks; the historic folk club plays host to semi-annual showcases featuring musicians who have been hand picked by local radio deejays.  On November 8th, I'll be making my way up there for a solo show, alongside Henry's Rifle and Carl Daniels.  Should be a great night of roots music.


And lastly, congrats to our friends in Black Mountain Symphony, who recently released their second CD, "Line in the Sand".  Sounds great guys, well done!  Thanks a ton for having us up at your release show, can't wait to hear what you come up with next.


Thanks for the ears, y'all.  Keep 'em open, along with your hearts, and we'll be seeing you out at some shows...



So I've come to realize that it's been nearly three months since the last page update, which is ridiculous.  In addition to a general malaise for the "art" of branding and promoting my work, I've been tackling some health and general issues that have had me a bit sidetracked.  So here's some recent news and updates...


That trusty, rusty steed of mine, The Subaru, has finally bitten the dust, or enough of it that I can't justify fixing it.  On cloudy day last week while en route to Watkins Glen to share an evening of music with my older brother, I pulled off the highway for some gas and leg stretching only to have the old girl lock up completety as I was exiting a traffic circle.  As I sat in the parking lot of a mechanic that refused to even look at her (because, "it doesn't look like it's worth it"), waiting for a ride with the rain coming down, all I could think was; "How did I get here?"  How have I spent so many years trying to write music that is honest, original, and frankly, pretty darn good, only to again find myself in a spot where I'm up against some unfortunate circumstance and without the resources to help myself out of it?


I've spent years at a job I hate because I can stay out late playing, and still get up in the morning and function enough to do a passable job of it.  The problem, it seems, with low responsibility work is low responsibility wages.  And even though my bosses are prone to spouting republican rhetoric whenever it suits their needs, they seem to run away in horror from the old axiom that hard work is rewarded.  The folks that live down the road in a half-way house?  Just lazy, leaching Americans in their book, any of them could get a job ANYTIME they wanted to, and could forever unburden the taxpayers of our fair city IF THEY'D JUST TRY.  But me?  The dude who has for years shown up half an hour early to work, done not only all of his own work, but then that of his co-workers too?  Who has then gone on to do things like scrubbing the walls and prep areas of our disgusting kitchen in a building they've let fall to shit around them as they neglect to repair anything?  That dude gets jack shit, or almost.  In over five years of hard, reliable working, I've been rewarded with a raise of twenty-five cents AN HOUR.  And of course, it's my own stubborness that has kept me there, thinking that one day they'll wake up and say, "Wow. We are terrible people who have failed to honor the values code of the America we believe we live in.  This kid works really hard and deserves a substantial raise."

Of course, this will never happen, as I mentioned, terrible people.  And terrible people do terrible things, including taking advantage of others.  So I'm turning my eyes towards greener pastures and hoping to find something a bit more secure and rewarding in terms of a job at some point in the next few months. But, enough poisen, here's some honey:


We had a great Reading Music series at the Albany Public Library on August 27th.  Michael Eck (The Ramblin' Jug Stompers, Lost Radio Rounders) and I composed 11 brand new songs, all based on John Steinbeck's awesome novel, "East of Eden".  One of my favorite books of all time, I was glad to dive back into it for several readings, and crafted a batch of songs that reflect its sadness and its wonder.  I think I wrote a few that are keepers too, but as always, time will be the judge of that.  On a lovely Wednesday evening, we were joined by some top shelf musicians (Roger Noyes, Tommy Krebs, August Sagehorn, and M.R. Poulopoulos), where we delivered some readings and bashed out a couple of short sets.  And smack dab in the middle, we were fortunate enough to hear an essay from good friend Adam Prizio, who explored history through personal connections, a theme that is true to the book.  This is a great series started by Sarah Clark and I , and the library hopes to continue it on a more regular basis, spotlighting different musicians playing music inspired by the works of their favorite authors.  


In performance news, The Rattling Baddlies and I have the good fortune to be playing the upcoming Utica Music & Arts Fest happening September 12th and 13th.  We'll be one of the bands opening up for the awesome group Cabinet on September 12th.  This is a cool little city-wide fest that's been happening for a few years now, and seems to be gaining great momentum.  We're glad to be a part of it as one of our last trio gigs of the summer.


Alright, many promises for more frequent updates.  Keep checking back and lending an ear, you never know what sweet, sorrowful sounds will drift your way from over here at the matt durfee camp.....



Holy cow does time fly!  It's hard to believe it's been almost two months since my last update here on the page.  Apologies to any regular readers, you are a brave and select few indeed....


I've spent most of the spring with my face buried in some sort of laptop, phone, or other device planning promo efforts for our tour and making arrangements for finding places to crash, etc.  It's just over a week away, and I'm beyond excited to cash in some of that hard work for a road trip with my musical brothers August and Tommy.  We've had relatively few snags with the exception of a Cleveland show falling out on us, but (knock on wood!) all dates listed on the calendar are confirmed and we're psyched to share some music in some new places.


In other news, we have brand some brand new merchandise to add to the pile; Tommy created a pretty cool design and we've made up a couple dozen of these puppies-














They should be available to order on the Bandcamp page very soon!


We also stopped by the WEXT studios the other day to visit with Chris Wienk, a staunch supporter of local music and a generally good dude.  We chatted a bit about the upcoming tour and our send-off party at The Olde English Pub in Albany on June 18th.  Chris will be airing the interview and a few songs we played while there thru the upcoming week.  Keep your ears peeled to their wonderful frequencies now and always.  Thanks Chris!!


Thanks for the open ears and continued support.... help spread the word and share the music and show info with your friends, it's much appreciated!



June tour dates have been posted!


We're still attempting to fill in a day at the beginning of this tour, but The Rattling Baddlies and I are taking "Little World" out on the road and look forward to meeting some new friends along the way.


Please take a minute to check out the schedule, if you know someone nearby to where we're headed, send 'em along to a show.  Anything interesting we should see while we're in any of these places?  Neat sculptures, good restaurants, creepy places like The National Museum of Baby Teeth?  Do you have a cousin, friend, frat-brother  or family member that might want three musicians crashing on their floor for a night?  If so, we'd love to hear from you!


Thanks, as always, for the open ears and continues support.  It's a gift to be able to share music with so many good folks on a regular basis....



Last night's show at the Albany Public Library was a huge success!  I've never been more pleased for my musical brother Mike Poulopoulos, who wrote some great original material for the event.  The crown jewel though, was having Pulitzer Prize winning author William Kennedy himself on hand to hear our songs, read some of his work and lead a delightful Q&A session with some passionate readers.  


Mike has, for many years now, been a huge fan of Mr. Kennedy and his work, and I was thrilled beyond description to watch the two of them interact over the things they both love doing best; writing stories. 


The library has become a home for creative musical endeavors of all stripes under the stewardship of Sarah Clark.  Visit often and take part of the many wonderful programs they offer.....


Be sure to check back soon, but we'll be announcing the fall edition of musical-book club very soon.  It'll feature some original tunes from yours truly in addition to some other great local musicians, and will focus exclusively on one of my favorite novels of all time, John Steinbeck's "East of Eden".  It's a sprawling, multi-faceted tomb rich in both joy and sorrow.  We're aiming for the end of August and are already spinning our wheels to make sure it's as excellent as our inaugural edition was.



Last night the guys and I rolled down to Coxsackie NY for a gig at Memphis Hustle BBQ, a new spot that opened up in the historic district along the river. Coxsackie is a lot of things; an old Dutch settlement known as the "hoot-owl place," or "place of many owls," an old factory town (which maybe specialized in producing abandoned buildings, of which there were many) and home to a maximum security prison.  It's one of those places where I find my expectations are usually pretty low, and was pleasantly surprised to play to a bunch of warm, open-eared diners and bar patrons who seemed to really dig the music.  We had a great show, and it reminded me to be grateful for any opportunity we get to share music and connect with people, no matter what.


We stopped at an antiques barn along the way and spent an hour or so wandering through the remanants of the lives of countless people.  We talked a little about the process of cleaning up after your dead; how an entire estate just goes up for sale, a whole lifetime of accumulation gets auctioned off to the highest bidder.  I couldn't help but think about how that stuff gets turned around via antique barns and flea markets, second-hand stores and Goodwills to end up as someone else's accumulation of stuff, which will one day get hauled away en masse, maybe even by the very same auction/estate-sale company who took it away the first time.  I think a lot about what "stuff" means to people, it comes up in my songs more and more; the idea of the quality of your life (in terms of your happiness and fulfillment) being greater than the quantity of things you have.


The Rattling Baddlies continue to work on booking our June tour, we have just a couple of dates to work out before we'll announce our whole itinerary, and hopefully be able to pick some of your brains on places to check out along the way, people you know who live nearby to the cities we'll be playing, and maybe even somewhere we can find a couch or floor to crash on for the night.


You can find us out in Williamstown, MA in a couple of weeks, Hops & Vines is supposed to be a cool little venue with some great food, and I'm excited to spread the music a little further.  Thanks to you guys for the all the support, sharing the music and info about upcoming shows; it means a lot....


Happy spring, get out there and get muddy!



The March 22nd show at Fuzz Records has regrettably fallen thru, but it's been replaced wtih my first appearance at The Low Beat, Valentine's new home on Central Ave in Albany. I'll be joining Joshua LaMay and his friends for a live taping event they're throwing.


Check back for details!



So The Rattling Baddlies and I suddenly have half  of a ten day June tour booked!  I look forward to announcing the line-up as soon as we have the full schedule, and am really excited at the prospect of hitting the road with Tommy and August to see some new places, meet some new people and share some music wtih the bands we'll hook up with along the way.


In the meantime, you can find me in Red Hook, Ballston Spa, Albany and Coxsackie, NY this month, including some spots new to me; Memphis Hustle BBQ and Fuzz Record Store right here in Albany.  More details on both shows as they approach, or head on over to the calendar for links to the venues...


Also, check out some of the sweet new builds Brier Road Guitars are working on over at their Facebook page, there's a couple of awesome looking ukes coming together, including one with a gorgeous redwood top....


Please check back and share the music and shows often, thanks for the ears folks...



Happy post-Valentine's day to all you lovers and lovers of love,  hopefully your hearts have been warmed enough to get you through the loads of snow we've been buried under in the past week....


I've been digging into tour booking with The Rattling Baddlies, and am super excited about it.  We've been confimring a few dates and look forward to announcing a full schedule very soon.  While it's time consuming work, it's great to have a goal to work towards and I've been getting to hear all sorts of new music as we research bands to share bills with.  I don't know if it's the extra-wintery winter and the bad mood it puts people into, but I'm thrilled about the prospect of some southern charm and hospitality in the coming months.  It will also give us the chance to show off this cool new poster that our drummer, Tommy Krebs, designed-

















In local show news, we'll be at our monthly show at The Olde English Pub & Pantry here in Albany on Wednesday, Feb. 19th, and on the 21st I'll be headed towards my old stomping grounds in Cobleskill, NY for a dinner show at Coby's; a cool little cafe whose menu is tied into the SUNY school's culinary arts program.  The place used to be a huge, multi-level bar akin to Jillian's of Albany, and I have fond memories of it as both a boozy patron and musician.  So it should be a show to savor on several levels.


At the end of the month I'll be joining the Lost Radio Rounders at one of their monthly charity shows at the McKownville Church on February 28th.  The Rounders play a ton of old-time folk and American classics, put on a great show, and I'm excited to sit in with them on a few tunes.


I'd hoped to take part in the RPM challenge this year; where musicians designate the month of February as a challenge to themselves to create and record an album's worth of music.  I've had a few half hearted attempts at it over the years, and this one proved to be no different, the time just doesn't seem to be there.  But I have been playing around on a few riffs I hope will develop into new tunes, so keep your ears peeled.  And people of earth; just keep doing crazy, unpredictable things that result in horror, triumph, amazement, loss, and heartache.  It's fuel for the songwriting fire....


Stay tuned, tour dates will be announced soon and The Baddlies and I are hoping to dig into some home recording for a little live EP.  We'll be glad to share it with you if we get anything worthwhile hammered out.  Thanks, as always, for your open ears and open hearts, you make every second of music-making worthwhile!



Happy New Year!


I've been fortunate to be kicking off 2015 with a couple of cool shows at great, intimate venues, which is a wonderful feeling for a story-telling songwriter like myself.  This past Thursday I returned to The Palmer House, a great little restaurant nestled into the hilltowns outside of Albany.  I was joined by my old friend Charlie Burgess, whom I've known for many years, and not only did we get a bellyful of delicious, locally sourced food, but played to an appreciative room full of family, friends, and strangers.


Tonight I'll be playing for the hometown team in Middleburgh, NY, where I was raised and spent many a night wandering the streets as an adolescent with my guitar strapped on.  I'll be over at the lovely Green Wolf Brewing Co., founded by Justin Behan.  Green Wolf has some delicious beer, and they're also big on the local movement- they proudly mark 2015 as the year when they'll be using 100% New York State hops in all their products.  Free music will be happening from 7-10pm, and I'll be glad to be within stumbling distance of my childhood home!


Lots of new shows being booked in and out of the area, so be sure to check the calendar often.  Bring your friends or send your enemies, I'm not picky...


Thanks, as always, for the support and the open ears!


Thanks to everyone who made it out to the release show at Red Square!  We had such a great time and couldn't have asked to celebrate with a better group of people! The only downside was how fast the whole evening passed, I could've spent another three hours there and I still wouldn't have been able to visit with each of you as much as I would have liked.  


After the rush of prep work for completeing the production and release of the album, it's nice to have a little downtime, to NOT think about the record that's been my focus lately, but I don't intend to rest on my laurels too long... 


The Rattling Baddlies (August Sagehorn, Tommy Krebs and I) have been working on a batch of new tunes that we will hope to start recording in the new year.  I've also been tossing around the idea of a five or six song ep of mostly guitar and vocal recordings to tide people over until we can wrangle up another full length release.  In the meantime, we'll continue to book shows in support of "Little World" and hope that those of you who haven't yet picked up a copy will come lend an ear at a live show soon and take one home. Scared to leave your house?  The album can also be found on CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon and a slew of other digital distribution sites.


Thanks again for the support, it means the world to me!  Spread the word and lend some ears when you can...



This morning I zipped up a gloomy I-87 to Ballston Spa for a brunch gig at it's sonorous marvel, Coffee Planet.  It's a great room with tall ceilings and some fine natural reverb, and I'm always thrilled to remember I barely have to use a mic in the place; just belt it out and feel it come back to you.


The usual ebb and flow of mid-morning crowds filtered through as I played, at some points it was just me and the staff (who are all super grateful for and supportive of live music!) but one group in particular made my day- as they came in and ordered, I was finishing up a tune, and immediately after it was done, one gentleman came over and aksed me;


"Hey, aren't you Matt Durfee?"


Turns out Gary and his friends were talking local music and local radio on the way over, and he had been telling them about Exit 97.7 FM and how great it was.  He's attended a few of the Exit Dome fundraisers and had just been telling them in the car, IN THE PARKING LOT, that-


"At one of them there was one guy there who, it was just him and the guitar, but he sounded like a whole group..."


Turns out I was that guy.  I was tickled pink to hear the story, and glad they stayed to enjoy some music and pick up some cds.  As a lot of you know, I have a hard time allowing myself to feel too prideful about anything I produce, but I'll readily admit to feeling pretty good about the whole morning...


I'm trying to make a point of booking more shows, so please check back often to find out where we can share some music sometime soon and share it with whoever you think has the ears or stomach to handle it!


Thanks for the support folks, see you out there soon.....



Happy New Year listeners and friends!  I hope 2014 brings you everything you need if not everything you want.  I'm looking forward to sharing more music with you alongside The Rattling Baddlies and at solo shows in new venues.  I'm super thankful for all the support you guys have shown in the past year and can't wait to see where that momentum takes us in the new one!  


Keep your eyes peeled at the Albany Public Library in the next few months, we've been working with them to develop a series where musicians will write a batch of songs based on their favorite literature, and will lead discussions based on the books and give some readings of their favorite passages. Fingers are crossed that it will work out, but we should see our first edition with M.R. Poulopoulos doing some songs about William Kennedy works in the late-winter.


Again, thanks for the open ears and hearts, cheers!



The physical version of my new CD “Little World” has finally arrived!  I’m super excited for the release party on November 23rd and can’t wait for you all to hear it….


Due to a very small budget for the production and packaging of these CD’s, a lot of information regarding who did what on this album has been omitted in the physical version.  I think you’ll find that remedied here;


Little World Album Credits-


This sound recording is the result of several sets of sessions occurring over the course of two and a half years or so. In a series of fits and starts, the base of each song (with the exception of “Space of a Breath”) was captured live; with me playing and singing in front of a couple of microphones in either a bedroom or living room, or live recording room in one of the various apartments and/or makeshift studio spaces we recorded in. Friends, all of whom I respect musically and creatively, then recorded additional parts to help flesh out the tunes. Those musicians are left woefully un-credited on the physical copy of “Little World” due to the limited design space that a low-budget CD jacket packaging such as I’m using allows; but I’d like to credit them here and urge you to take a moment to check out their individual musical projects.


Thanks friends, your support of my music and willingness to dedicate your time to helping get some of it recorded means the world to me. And not just a little world; a big ol’ world of gratitude is due to you all…


Additional Musicians:


Thomas D. Krebs- Percussion http://altamiralive.com/


August Sagehorn- Bass http://altamiralive.com/


M.R. Poulopoulos- Electric & acoustic guitars, vocals- Cold Comfort, Everyone Wants to be Right http://mrpoulopoulos.com/


Erin Harkes- Vocals- Cold Comfort, What Losing is Like, Everyone Wants to be Right  http://erinharkes.com/


Sarah Clark- Keyboards- Drowsy Tigers in Straw Twine, Broken String



John Rice- Slide guitar- What Losing is Like, Broken String



Ryan Dunham- Harmonica- What Losing is Like http://redhairedstrangers.com/


Ryan Slowey- Electric guitar- Everyone Wants to be Right



“Little World” players-

Ian White- Slide guitar http://swordpaw.com/

Mitch Masterson- Bass http://swordpaw.com/

Dylan Palazzo- Vocals http://swordpaw.com/

Jeff Schneider- Percussion http://swordpaw.com/


“Everyone Wants to be Right” shouters-

Bill Palinski http://blackmountainsymphony.com/

Joe D. Michon-Huneau http://altamiralive.com/

Tommy Krebs

August Sagehorn

Ryan Slowey

M.R. Poulopoulos